Khan Ramkeesoon Welcomes You


Who I See

I work with a range of people and have a special commitment to the well-being of LGBTQ and POC communities. The folks who choose to work with me are often contending with parenting, familial, and relationship challenges. Wherever you find yourself, and whatever your circumstances are, I am here to offer you my sincere support.


Services I Offer

Individual Therapy

Psychotherapy is a practice that allows you and I to get to the root of issues impacting your life allowing for expansiveness and personal growth. Through our therapeutic relationship, we will co-create experiences that allow for a more fulfilling life.

Video or Phone Therapy

I provide services remotely so that you can reach me from most locations. I offer video conferencing or phone sessions for consultation, individual, and family therapy.


I offer consultation services for licensed mental health professionals.


About Khan

I am a non-binary Indo-Trinidadian licensed marriage & family therapist. My life was transformed by education, therapy and community.


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